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Better Bet, formerly known as Alt Food, is stepping up its commitment to providing diverse plant-based options with the launch of a new plant-based drink crafted from millet in collaboration with Blue Tokai Coffee. This strategic move comes in response to the growing popularity of millet-based foods in India, particularly since the United Nations declared 2023 as the International Year of Millet at India’s recommendation.

Better Bet's millet-based drink

Better Bet’s Millet-Based drink: cold brew latte

In a pioneering move, Better Bet has etched its name in Indian culinary history by introducing the country’s first-ever vegan millet-based cold brew latte. This landmark product launch stems from a strategic collaboration with the esteemed coffee company, Blue Tokai Coffee.

Notably, Blue Tokai had previously ventured into the plant-based domain by partnering with Good mylk to provide vegan milk across all its locations, setting a precedent as the first chain to offer non-dairy milk without additional charges as per source from Veganfirst.

With this groundbreaking partnership, it is expected that other Indian startups will join the wave of incorporating millet into their offerings, capitalizing on the thriving landscape of millet-based innovations in the Indian market. This alliance with Blue Tokai Coffee strategically positions Better Bet to tap into and contribute to the growing trend of millet-based products, marking a significant stride in India’s evolving culinary scene.

Already positive feedback has received to it’s millet cold brew latte from the consumers, definitely by this we at least understand that governments action on millet to make it popular has been seen, since it is not only better at nutrition but better for the envirtonment,

Why to choose millet-based drink

Millets are like superheroes in farming – they need way less water, grow faster than wheat, and use much less energy to process. This makes them a key solution to big problems like climate change and water shortages and droughts, offering a resilient foundation for a sustainable food supply.

India is a millet powerhouse, producing 41 percent of the world’s supply. Even though millets have been a part of indian diet for ages, not many people know about them today due to lack of awerness. The hope is that with government support and increased awareness campaigns, there can be a significant shift in perception and an uptick in millet consumption.

Better Bet is doing its part by making a millet-based drink. It’s a modern approach to incorporating millets into daily eating habits. This small step from Better Bet is part of a bigger trend – more and more people realizing that millets are a great, eco-friendly food source. The goal is to change how people see millets and get them into our diets today.

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